My Face Book Challenge!!

As a famous song goes “Happiness is a mat that sits on her doorway”. I don’t want that mat, I want to own happiness and joy and contentment. So what am I talking about and what in the world does this have to do with Face Book? Right! I guess I should tell you that part too.

So, as I read the Little Book of Contentment I realized that a lot of the things discussed are things that I do to myself. Most of the conversations I have are like “Self, you suck, you don’t look good, why did you get your hair cut, UGH you need to go shopping you look like a slug”. Yeah, really, like that. images

I have been wanting contentment and joy and peace and happiness and I have said it before and will say it again…………it feels like a mystical creature that no one ever actually gets their hands on. I want happiness to be my friend for once!! Ok, so that means I have to take charge.

In the book it was stated something like this, failure is not the end, its a way for us to reorganize the methods we use to make ourselves succeed. Ok, so that wasn’t word for word but that’s kinda what he said. Anyway, I have never thought of making myself succeed. Whoa. I can control that?

Happiness and joy and peace and contentment, when people talk about these things you hear how they feel. There is no guide map that says here is how you get to this destination. It’s generally something that has happened over time. They have learned how to be happy in the marriage, in life, in work, in play in whatever. Well, I have never liked the idea of sucking it up and accepting this is my bed so here I lay. However, this idea of making myself succeed at happiness or joy is completely different to me.

How could I do this? Well, I have to learn to love myself and learn to look for the simple things in life. I love my cup of coffee every day and when I am stressed out. Why? Because its calming, it brings good memories, it’s something that makes me think about conversations with those I have loved, happy moments where I laugh, times that I am focused on the simple things of life. The same reason I love hearing rain on a tin roof, sitting on the porch at sunset, walking in nature in the spring and fall or putting my feet in the ocean.

I spend a lot of tiimages (2)me doing things that have no importance at the end of the day. Face Book is one of them. Everyone on there wants you to see that their life is perfect and grand and posts the best pictures and the funnies things, or the political and religious views of everyone and their brother, and then there are those that are just angry and nothing is ever any good. I don’t want to be faced with this again and again because I end up having terrible feelings either at other people or myself because of what I see.

This caused me to think -is any of this worth it? Not really. In the end I came to the conclusion that Face Book is toxic and sometimes “you have to cut out the cancer”. So that is just what I am going to do. For all of my readers who are updated through Face Book I urge you to not stop reading but to sign up using your email address for updates on my blog. I am going to suspend my account with Face Book for a minimum of 1 month. I am going to blog about it, not daily but at least a weekly Face Book update. I am going to start this Friday after July 4th.

I have hope that I will find more time to do things, curious to see if it changes my motivation, anxious to see if any of my anxiety goes away (ha haa) and looking forward to anything that could come from this. Who knows, I might not turn it back on. So this is step one to being a bit happier in my life, removing one item that is causing a lot of distress.

Who wants to join me?!


Update – 7/18/13:

I really am doubtful that I will turn Face Book back on. I have really enjoyed not wallowing in what other people are doing. This is my life and I get to live it for me. Taking a step back from Face Book has shown me that the important things in life never leave us, we can push them away but they will be there still. I don’t want to waste time missing things like making fruit salad with my daughter in the morning or playing hot pursuit with my son.

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