Digging Deep and Being Shocked!

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Recently, it has become quite clear to me that I have a lot of growth that I could stand to do. Growth is exciting, adventurous, …………….. worrisome even. I have found that while being a middle manager is difficult, its not impossible and it doesn’t have to be terrible either. The difference lies in having the tools to use to make the most of everything. My toolbox, at times, can be a bit bare. With all of that said, I have set out to make some changes, learn new tools, and grow.

Workplace Ethics is a course I am currently taking for the degree I am pursuing. Honestly, I wish this was more of an interactive lecture class. I find a lot of this information truly insightful and helpful. I believe this is a course every manager should have. Obviously most managers have probably had some type of ethics education, however, this course is different in that it is suited for the manager and the employee. Have you ever thought about how you are a follower? How you are a leader? There are toxic versions of both but I had never thought about what went into either of these.

In realizing the need for forward movement in this area of my life, I decided to connect on Linked In. Its business oriented, those who I know in business are on there and maybe, just maybe, I can learn something. That of course started a whole new track – and long story short I found http://www.mindtools.com. I joined. What can it hurt to have some additional learning and mentoring in this area right?

The website, in and of itself, I am so far finding helpful and informative. It is causing me to think about things I have rarely given consideration to in the past, but need considering. Working through my personal workbook on their site, I have had to answer questions and one of those questions stumped me. “What do I value that others fail to exhibit?” Wow. Never thought of it that way before.

I like to believe all the people I work closely with exhibit behaviors that I find appealing. And this is true. However, it caused me to ask myself, what are my top values? Mindtools has a list! (Of Course). In reading through this list I realized a lot of my values are similar to each other – example: Excellence, Perfection, Accuracy – clearly I value hard work and Quality Results. PROBLEM!! I am supposed to come up with 10…..each of these are a different value.

I never thought that honing in on what your values really, truly are would be something I find difficult. I don’t even have a complete list of what everyone would think their values are and I can’t decide!! So, eventually, yes I had to narrow it down.

Values are personal and you don’t have to share them with others, however, I am going to share with you my personal top 10. In no particular order here they are along with what they mean to me:

  1. Preparedness
    1. Being able to know where you want to go and have a plan to get there. Being ready to handle a situation with the right tools to have a positive outcome or the best possible outcome for a situation.
  2. Inner Harmony
      1. Being at peace with your life, your choices, your circumstances that have brought you to where you are. Knowing that you are worthy of good things and that life is what you make it. Striving to make life what you expect it to be and not expecting other to make the changes for you.
    1. Hard Work
      1. Putting forth all possible effort and energy into a task, chore or goal until it is complete or determined otherwise unable to handle or complete. Obtaining the tools and resources you need to get the job done, whether its help, training, knowledge or motivation.
    1. Practicality
      1. Doing all things that have meaning. Not wasting time or effort on endless events or tasks. Ensuring that all you do is done with a goal, result, purpose or vision for putting the result to use. Setting obtainable goals and realistic measures
    1. Stability
      1. Security in life with what you have, living within your means, creating roots in the job, community, and overall life you lead.
    1. Personal Growth
      1. Striving for better in all facets of life. Seeking opportunities to learn and use knowledge.
    1. Self-Actualization
      1. The ability to picture who you want to be; working to become that person. Removing self-doubt, hatred, fear and barriers and putting effort in positive thinking to motivate rather than destroy possibility.
    1. Integrity
      1. Ensuring that you have lived up to your values and are abiding by your own rules of life in all you do. The ability to know you have made the best possible choices and you have done all you can; holding your head up high no matter what others might think.
    1. Altruism
      1. Looking to benefit the whole, the group, the community, the family in all ways possible rather than looking out for what’s best for yourself instead even if it means sacrifice on your part for the betterment of the whole.
    1. Balance
      1. Ensuring that all facets of your life are congruent and aligned. Not allowing one area of life be too overwhelming or forgotten about and that your life reflects the values you hold.images

These are just my top 10. I struggled with where family, love, fun, respect, intuition and other values fit into. I realized that while these are all extremely important to me, if I follow the values I have listed, I will have fun and spend time with my family and love them, show respect for them and earn it from them and my intuition will be listened to. And that is how I found out what made the top of the list.

Have you thought through your values and how well you follow or exhibit them? This was a definite eye opener for me.

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