Financially Free!

This is where I am going to recount my steps to financial freedom. It is possible, hundreds of people make the change every day. I deserve to be debt free and live like no other! (You do too by the way). I have taken the Dave Ramsey Financial Freedom Challenge – and I challenge you to join me. Dave clearly spells out that every bit of what he is teaching and sharing is “common sense that isn’t so common anymore.” “80% Behavior and 20% Head Knowledge”. I am going to make my money work for me so I can enjoy living the life I want to live.

There are 7 baby steps in the program to becoming debt free. I am in baby step #1 – Saving $1,000.00 for an Emergency Fund. I have decided to use the website – that Dave Ramsey’s team put together to help  me walk through the baby steps. You don’t have to use the website though. The entire process of becoming debt free can be done using paper and pencil! I had previously purchased the book “The Total Money Makeover” by Dave Ramsey and read it when I first began the program. I am re-reading that book now and fully diving into all there is to offer.

I challenge you to join me – today – not tomorrow. Are you going to be a slave to money or are you going to be exuberantly free, living without chains?


I found this on YouTube – its a must listen!

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