Goal Overboard!

We all know by now that I am setting out to change my life and the life of my children. I want to change my family tree – as Dave Ramsey says. And I am sure that I am going to do just that! On this journey of mine I am learning new resources and new ways to view things. My current resource is one of Dave Ramsey’s books – How to Have More Than Enough. (I bought it for $10.00 in his May sale!!)

Anywhoodles – I have been working and reworking every chapter of this book – and I’m on chapter 3….. šŸ™‚ I am sure I will write about this book and my journey through it over time. Chapter 2 was definitely a doozie having to choose parenting values and statements. That was not easy but I know all the work I am doing will be worth it in time. Here is something I created to hang on my family living room wall so we can have it in front of us always.


So, what inspired this post? Well now on Chapter 3 and the work I am doing here is about my future, my dreams, my goals and what life I want to create. I love creating my own life! The possibilities truly are unlimited. I don’t know how many times I heard that growing up and thinking, “yeah, ok” but not ever really understanding it. The excitement I feel in saying the statement “I am creating my own life” is immeasurable and un-explainable to anyone who has not held those words in their mouth and more importantly, in their heart.

But goals oh goals, I have so many of you. Which will I choose to be the end product? Which ones will come to fruition and actually be something I sit on my porch at 80 and laugh about? I do dare to dream and I do dare to wonder and I WILL dare to accomplish them.

As I was pondering on them I realized that I needed paper and pen – or a word document on the computer and so I started writing. Then I realized that Dave was right, I was going to have to define these goals hardcore. So I started writing more. Then I realized that he was right again! Darn IT! I was going to have to prioritize these goals. So….. Here is a glimpse of what the start of this is looking like for me:


  1. Be debt free
    1. How much has to be paid off?
    2. How much money each month can be put toward the goal?
    3. How long will this take?
  2. Have a fully funded savings account
    1. How much money do I need to live on each month?
    2. How much money can I save each month?
    3. How much money will I need total in the savings account?
    4. How many months of expenses will this cover?
  3. Purchase my own home in cash
    1. How much home do I want to purchase?
    2. Where do I want to purchase?
    3. What does the home have?
    4. Will I renovate?
    5. Once Iā€™m debt free how much money per month can be saved?
    6. How long will it take to purchase the home?
  4. Complete my bucket list by June 21st 2023 (day before I turn 40)
  5. Own rental properties with a cash flow of $5000.00 per month
  6. Own a ranch with 2 horses and a barn
    1. Will this be a 2nd home or my retirement home?
    2. What kind of horses and how much will they cost?
    3. Do I want to build all myself or find something that fits my needs?
    4. What is my budget for this?
  7. Retire by age 55
    1. How much income will I need to live on?
    2. How much will I need to have in savings?
    3. What do I plan on doing in retirement?
    4. Will that take more money that needs to be planned on?
  8. Become a certified coach
  9. Own a business out of my home earning $2500.00 per month
  10. Start a non-profit organization assisting young parents to achieve their dreams

I know, some of those sure are lofty goals right? Well, taking them all one step at a time will ensure that I am able to complete what is important to me and they will get done as God is willing. So, when I got down to number 4, I realized I might need to print out my bucket list again and put it back in front of my face. I had been feeling like I hadn’t done much in these first 2 years – yeah I know – 2 WHOLE years! but then I realized that I had. I have completed 6 of them, and 2 more of them are in progress so I would say that’s a pretty darn good start.

Looking at my list I realized some of these bucket list items will take a lot of money, or time off work/away from kids etc. That is not something I am going to have the luxury of doing while getting out of debt so I guess that means I need to prioritize them too. Good gravy! Well, I did. I have chosen 5 bucket list items to complete between now and my 33rd birthday in 2016. Those items are – drum-roll please-

  • Zip Lining
  • Helicopter Ride
  • Riding a Train
  • Run a 10K
  • Feel Comfortable in a Bikini on the Beach!

YAY!! I have a direction! *Sigh* The freedom in knowing where you want to go and that you have chosen to go there on purpose is such a relieving feeling. May you one day know this feeling that is filling me like a hot air balloon about to go for a ride. I am such a driven and achievement oriented person – please see earlier post šŸ™‚ – that I am having a hard time holding myself back from running without hurting myself! I know that all good things come in time. And all things worth having are worth waiting for. And nothing comes easy. Hard work pays off. And all the other one liner statements about how it is that I am going to have to get there. I have one sentence for all of that:


*SIGH* I know, I know, all in due time.

Update on the Bucket List

Hello all!

I haven’t blogged in a while and I am not going to make promises about how often I will be able to do it. I will however say that I am sorry if you have been disappointed with my lack of updates. I am handling a lot right now – aren’t we all?! – and sometimes it is just impossible to add another item to my day. I know you all have felt this from time to time if not more consistently.

Anyway, I am currently working on getting a bit better about accomplishing my goals. I started to take a look at my bucket list and realized that while I haven’t been consciously working on them, they are still being worked on! I am on my journey to buying my first home. I have actually given myself a 6 month deadline to do so – hopefully it will work out!

I realize that things in life don’t slow down unless you slow down. I don’t feel comfortable enough to do that just yet but I hope that one day I will be looking back and realizing that I have purposely slowed myself down and am enjoying the life I am living – on purpose!

Do you live a life on purpose or are you surviving your existence?

The Bucket List…..

1. Work on a Dude Ranch Vacation for a week ( or go on a covered wagon trail overnight)

2. Go on a cruise

3. Try Zip Lining

4. White Water Rafting

5. Take a Helicopter Ride

6. Take Yoga class for at least 3 months

7. Take cooking lessons

8. Go to Atlantic City for a night

9. Spend a weekend in Vegas

10. Ride a train somewhere

11. Run a 10K

12. Learn to snow ski

13. Go sailing for a day

14. Learn conversational spanish

15. Compose a song

16. Download 500 songs i actually like on an IPOD

17. Learn to Belly Dance

18. Be able to fire all rounds from my pistol in the center of a target

19. Go to Mardi Gras with someone special

20. Visit Canada

21. See Niagara Falls

22. See the Grand Canyon

23. Hike in the Redwood Forest

24. Feel comfortable wearing a bikini on the beach

25. Vacation on a tropical island

26. Visit the Smithsonian in Washington DC

27. Learn to sketch and create art for my bedroom

28. Make a list of 100 books to read and read them all

29. Learn to forgive those in my past

30. Go on the honeymoon that we never had

31. Do something kind for a stranger every day for 30 days.

32. Write a letter to each of my children telling them what ive learned in life and how.

33. Go on a shopping spree with 1000.00 to redo my wardrobe

34. Attend a concert by each of my top 20 favorite bands

35. Build a habitat for humanity home

36. Buy my first home

Ok, so there is my bucket list. What? Oh, there are 36 things here?! I tried to narrow it down and did some but I then decided that its ok to have more than 30 to do’s on my list and if I accomplish 30 of them – good!, if I do more great! and if I am able to add more to my list – awesome! BRING IT ON!! So, I am ok with having 36 to do’s and who knows maybe I will only accomplish 30 and maybe, just maybe, I will be able to do all 36 before I turn 40!

The next ten years has so much in store for me without even adding this bucket list or blog but I want to make sure I am living life to fullest, experiencing everything I desire and am financially able to experience. Life is a journey, and you can choose to make it exciting and full of passion and wonder sharing your journey with as many people as you can or you can choose to tag along on someone else’s ride. I’m ready to be me – whoever that is!!

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