Change Oh How I’ve Missed You!…… HA!!


What do they say again………..nothing ever stays the same, everything is always changing? Yup so it is. Of course, we know that things are always going to change. You can probably go through your life wearing Khakis every work day, getting up at the same time, eating the same breakfast, taking your lunch, getting your hair cut on the same day and time every month, starting and ending your workday at the same time and go to bed at the same time. But isn’t that a little ground-hog-dayish of you?

I know I wouldn’t want to live that life. But sometimes the change I encounter, yeah well, I don’t want it either! Why can’t I just have exactly what I want when I want it because that’s what I want?!?! Oh, um-mm yeah, because I’m not 2 anymore and if I want to be a grown up then I need to act like one, right?

So, here I sit, with my hands raking my hair, secretly hoping that it’s all a bad dream. HA! I’m not that lucky!! No, seriously, sometimes you feel like everything is ready to cave in around you and it can be very overwhelming. This could be one of those times. Fortunately, I am gaining so many new found self-help skills that I actually know how to recognize this problem, breathe through it, and come out the other side with my wits intact. I know – it’s just short of a miracle.

I have my job, which in prior comments, I have made mention that I might not be so thrilled with it. However, in looking at it as a whole, I really like what I do. I am happy in my field but I know I have a lot to work on – but hey, who doesn’t? Now, the following formula is currently my life:

JOB + 3 KIDS + SCHOOL (for them) + COLLEGE (full course load) + HOUSEWORK = Insane person??? J

Yes, it’s a lot on my plate, and yes, someone could go completely nuts with all of this. However, I have, quite thankfully, found more ways to handle every day crap that gets tossed around. After all, its never going to stop happening is it? So rather than sit and wallow in self-pity eating tubs of ice cream to quiet down the inside voice – I accept the inside voice and tell her to deal with it! change wordle

In all honesty, everything boils down to choice. Just this past weekend, I was walking around all sullen and my husband says “what’s wrong”. Typical female answer (am I’m female so I totally have the right to say that!) is what I give him “nu-thin”. Then realizing this is a communication opportunity, I explain that I am not myself because I wasn’t getting what I wanted. He was watching what he wanted to on TV, the kids had games on before that and all I had been doing was cleaning and cooking. Guess what? No one told me to clean or cook and I didn’t ask for help with it.

I then went to the store to get coffee, because if I down and don’t have coffee, it isn’t pretty. So I’m at the store, see the RedBox and say to myself “Hey! I have an idea self! Let’s get a movie and turn it into a family day.” I picked out a movie I wanted and let my 4 year old pick out a family movie. I came home and made popcorn, everyone was excited for movies and it turned out just fine.

So, not only do you have the choice for change, a lot more often than you realize, the change lies within your choices. If you want it to be better, make it better for you.

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