Life’s Decisions

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

We all have them to make. They stare at us and hound us like a 4-year-old who wants something does. They don’t go away just because you ignore them. Hell, sometimes they get in the way even more until they are made. The part I hate the most…..refusing to make a decision, is still a decision.

imagesI personally, have never, ever, ever, ever, EVER, been good about making decisions. I either make them hastily and look back on them wishing I had been smarter about the situation or I wait and wait and wait, asking everyone what they think and choose someone else’s opinion as my own. Wow, talk about not being able to stand on your own two feet!

What I have learned for sure is that, when I choose someone’s decision for my own, I am never fully comfortable or happy with the choice. Why? Because I didn’t choose it for me. When I don’t make a decision and I should, I end up always thinking about how it might have been. How the choice I would have made, would have turned out. So, I am now learning I must make a decision.

I started wondering how in the world do I make good decisions, not made in haste and not borrowing someone else’s truth?!

English: Emphasising choice in decision making...

English: Emphasising choice in decision making as a tool for achievement and empowerment Español: Acentuar la opción en la toma de decisión como herramienta para el logro y la capacitación (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My mom was always big into a list of pro’s and con’s and choose the one that makes sense. Other people have been “go with your gut, do what makes you happy”, still others are “it’s not about you, do what is right”. Jeez people! Make up my mind will you?!All of these are good suggestions, coming from the right place, and at the end of the day – I have decided they are all……. well true. Sometimes, the decision you know you have to make is not a decision that you will like nor will it make you immediately happy. Sometimes, the decision, you will love but others will be unhappy. Still yet, there will be times where it’s a necessary decision that carries the most sense, the least suffering and no one likes it.

That is why making a decision is HARD. Currently, I am faced with my car – its a pain in my tuchus! It’s paid for, I have poured a lot of money into it in 4 years replacing almost everything under the hood, the engine and transmission still have another 50,000 miles of warranty on them, thanks to the extra warranty that I purchased. However, I just put 800.00 into this thing, now its acting up again and I don’t know whats wrong with it. So, I, in my “wanting what I want, when I want it” want a new car.

Is that the smartest thing to do? Ummm, maybe???? I technically can afford it, I would get to pick something I wanted – (my husband picked this one and while I love it, I didn’t choose it), I would have a newer vehicle and therefore I would have a much better outward appearance, newer cars have much more gadgetry than my 2000 Jeep (which doesn’t even have a CD player!!), I would probably get a vehicle that gets much better gas mileage.

Cons? Oh, I guess I need those too huh? Crap! Ok, purchasing a car is being married to a vehicle for a LOOOONGG time, do I really want to spend 250 -300 every month on a car for the next 5 years? (for those who don’t realize – that’s 18,000.00 for 11,000.00 of a loan – probably) My credit isn’t the best so I am going to get a super crappy rate or not even be able to get what I really want if I get anything at all. It’s cheaper to buy a new stereo and have it installed in my Jeep. I have much better things to invest money in, like a house, which is on my bucket list – remember? Oh yeah 😦 My outward appearance, shouldn’t matter, that’s being vain and then I am not living the christian life the right way.

When, you are right you are right. I could keep going with both the pro’s and the con’s. So, what’s next? My gut, its screaming “BUY IT! BUY IT! BUY IT!!!!!”. The voice in the back of my head is whispering “be smart, be smart!”. UGGHHH This decision thing isn’t easy!! Ok, trying to ignore those…….how will it affect myself and my family. Sure, we would love a new car. They are nice, comfy, quiet, and don’t require a lot of attention right away. However, I do have a bond with my Jeep, I would hate to say goodbye to it. You know what else? We all would hate not being able to do nearly as much because now we have another bill and my car insurance bill, I am sure, would increase.

So, decision is, probably going to keep fixing it. Does that mean I don’t want the new car? Nope. Just means that I realize what is better for me, my family and my Jeep. I am not ready to say goodbye just yet, I still have feelings for it and I can make it great with just a little bit of attention. (and maybe a CD player for it?!)

So much to ponder, but in the end, it is YOUR choice. Just remember, you aren’t always the only one riding in the car. I guess I have learned that if you combine listening to your gut, looking for what affects those in your life – the good and bad, and listing out your pro’s and con’s…….you will probably come to the right decision. When you have made peace within yourself, you know it’s the right decision for you.

Do you have a looming decision to make about something big? Are you leaning to the nice, comfortable, quiet choice rather than the choice that means a little extra work? Is “new” looking sparkly while “old or current” is looking drab? We all have them. If you put the love and attention into the somewhat forgotten piece, can it be sparkly again?

Good Luck!

If you have been faced with something recently that you struggled with, how did you finally come to your decision?

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